Digital Content Strategy 3-Part Workshop Series


Carrie Hawthorne

Consultant, Carrot Consulting


In this 3-part series, we’ll cover the essential components of a Content Strategy Plan so you can deliver high-quality content that’s useful and usable regardless of platform or device. From competitive analyses to content audits, message hierarchies to style guides, SEO to KPIs, series attendees will explore an array of user experience (UX) design tools and exercises, and receive templates and samples to assist in building their own plan. Attendees will be asked to perform several pre-conference activities (ex. install Google Analytics, run a Screaming Frog web report, take a survey). Attendees can attend a 4th session to receive individual coaching and feedback.


Digital Content Strategy I

Gathering & Understanding

Instead of guessing what your users want and need, we’ll review a few activities that gather qualitative and quantitative data to understand your users’ painpoints and inform strategy.


Digital Content Strategy II

Planning & Creating

In this session we’ll explore activities to plan for the creation, delivery and governance of useful, usable content that meets your business goals and objectives.


Digital Content Strategy III

Measuring & Optimizing

What’s the point of creating high-quality content if no one ever finds it? In this session we’ll ensure you’ve got the basics of SEO covered and look at metrics in Analytics to measure success.


Digital Content Strategy IV

Open Forum

Informal follow-up session to coach individuals with their plans and specific questions.